April Walleye Catch

November Walleye

Fishing starts on the reefs and gradually moves to deeper water as the season progresses. I fish the western and central basins for walleye depending on where the best fishing is. After Labor Day I keep an additional dock in Huron to take advantage of the great Fall fishing there.

Starting in mid-May I have evening charters when available. Since the reefs and deep water areas are both close we can make a short run to the fish. An evening charter can be a productive time to take advantage of the afternoon/evening bite. There is virtually no boat traffic so fishing is much more enjoyable.

My favorite fishing is for trophies. I love to catch big fish. The best time for trophies is Spring and Fall. I'm happy to catch #'s in the summer but catching wall hangers is my favorite fishing. When you are ready for that wall mount give me a call. Check out the photo gallery for more big fish pictures.

Walleye - April through July




As the walleye bite tapers off the bass bite picks up. I don't charter bass trips during the spawn. Pulling bass off their nest results in predation of the nest and reduces future numbers of bass. With the increase in fishing pressure the bass are best left alone until after the spawn.

Bass - Mid-Late June through October



These are the best tasting fish in the lake. They are ideal for a family charter or as a combination charter with walleye or bass.

Perch - August through October